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Choosing the right photographer!!

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Why choosing the right photographer is important.

Each photographer comes with an unique perspective which undoubtedly is different from each other. The way the photographer deals with the subject and the style he/she carries varies and its very important to understand that before you book someone.

Things to keep in mind when choosing photographer’s. A good photographer with great eye can make things which look mundane very interesting.



  1. STYLE -Do you love a particular style and does that photographer you want to work with also love’s it and can shoot that style?
  2. VERSATILITY -Does the photographer have enough experience in handling different subjects and is he/she versatile ? When someone is versatile , its easy to adapt to any kind of style seamlessly.
  3. CONSISTENCY -Is the photographer consistent in his/her work ? There are many fluke cases in this field as now a days most of the people with DSLR consider themselves as professional photographers 😉
  4. PERSONALITY -Does the photographer make you feel at ease ? Is he/she as excited as you about this assignment the way you are ? This is a very important aspect.



5. EXPERIENCE -Experience does not just mean years of work in this field. If someone has spent 10-20 years in this field as there is no evolution in his/her work, that’s not experience !! Some just tend to carry this word called “experience ” but the work is utter crap and monotonous.

6. QUALITY OR QUANTITY– Are you the quantity type or the quality type?

Quality work usually does not come cheap , so its important to understand the way a photographer works when compared to the photographers who consider this as one more assignment to finish.

7. GEAR -Everyone own’s a great camera these days and that does not mean they own a great eye and composition. Camera is merely a gear if not used wisely .It’s just like owning a F1 car will not make you Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton.

8. FAKERS -Many fake it out by talking big and using technical jargon or by proposing unnecessary things or have that great skill of provoking the end user to do things which are actually not required. This is where many customers fall in trap.These are usually great talkers and seldom great artists.

9. RECOMMENDATIONS -Look out for recommendations but with a word of caution, use your own judgement based on what you see. Sometimes the most flashy looking photographers are just the worst photographers and on the other hand sometimes shabby looking photographers may be good at his/her work. Dikhave pe mat jao, apni akal lagao 😉

10. ARTIST’S VISION -Last but the most important thing- TRUST THE ARTIST’S VISION if he/she is artistically or aesthetically good – No artist likes interference or too much of indulgence and please keep in mind that you have chosen someone based on your research ,so give him/her the space.                   ***Conditions apply***  😉

This is my observation. Opinions may differ but this is my honest confession. Lemme know what you think :).

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  1. mohit - November 9, 2015 7:01 pm

    So beautifully covered , An artist’s mind so very different from what usually people think .

    • luckymalhotra - November 10, 2015 8:22 am

      Thank you Mohit for going through it. Yes,being an artist is not easy as your heart will keep fighting with your mind all the time..


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