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Men in Power – Nitesh Shetty

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Shooting with Nitesh Shetty (Nitesh Estates)

He is composed,stylish and an achiever- He is none other than Nitesh Shetty from Nitesh Estates. His story is quite inspiring. He was the one who brought Ritz Carlton to Bangalore. It was great fun shooting him .


When I was commissioned to shoot Nitesh Shetty and was told that I will get only 10 minutes to shoot ,it was quite nerve-wracking to be able to shoot unforgiving images in such less time.

However this is where experience comes into picture.



It needs guts to take up such shoots and also foresee what issues could arise when the time is limited. After a bit of recce ,the area of shoot was narrowed down to a room which Mr.Shetty loves the most .

Lights were set, and he came and we shot in 10 mins flat, he was quite a sport, cooperative and once he saw what pictures we were getting , he just did what’s been told and we wrapped up and I did not even get a minute extra , but no regrets.

Here are those images. Hope you love them. These are for sure my favourite and I will personally never forget this shoot.



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Photography – Lucky Malhotra

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  1. Arvind Shenoy - February 17, 2016 10:47 am

    Lucky Bhai ! These are absolutely fabulous! My favourites too!


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