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Backstage Moment’s – A lot happens behind your back!

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Whenever you see a fashion show, its usually about the ramp-walk , The Designer wear ,what the models are wearing and who is walking. The show could last anywhere between 10-15 minutes and sometimes longer if there are many changes.

What you see on stage is the glorified look and the calmness of the model and of-course the music complimenting it. But what goes behind in making that thing happen is nerve-wracking. Lot of rehearsals, coordination.

Designers – Alpa & Reena




This is the most stressful area and its the backstage. The model getting here final finishing touches.



Shalini Chopra from Stylish by Nature posing here.



The photoshoot before everyone gets ready for the hurricane.



When the show starts you can say chaos starts backstage, with the backstage coordinators , models watching each and every move on the ramp .




Some are busy waiting for their turn .



Aren’t they gorgeous.





Picture with Bloggers and Mrs.India Universe Lakshmi



Designer Alpa & Reena with Shalini and a model.


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Photography – Lucky Malhotra

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