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VamshiPriya & Prudhvi – The Beautiful Telugu Wedding ❤️❤️❤️

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This is beautiful ❤ I cant help smiling every time I look at this ..

Though I take up few weddings, I love South Indian weddings and specially Telugu weddings as I have always had a great experience shooting them and they are punctual. This wedding was beautiful and the couple Vamshi & Prudhvi look like they are made for each other. Vamshi is very expressive and talkative, whereas Prudhvi who is tall-dark & handsome is quiet and softspoken.

Vamshi’s Family were as usual in awe of her and she is her friends & family’s darling. Prudhvi’s friends on other hand were enjoying the Indian culture and they were the most enthusiastic crowd hailing from different parts of the world and I heard one saying ” India took my breath away

I cant escape without saying that both sides the parents were so calm and I had fun interacting with them. I knew Vamshi’s parents but since I never met Prudhvi’s parents ,I could not recognise them though they were in front of me as they look so young,I need to ask them if its Vijayawada’s water or some secret pill they take.

Don’t miss the adorable kids who did such cute little things which were so thoughtful and gave me some amazing moments,I hope they remember me when they grow up 😉

Incase, you missed watching the teaser, This will leave you asking for more 😛 This is one of those weddings which I would have regretted if I had not taken it up.

Can’t end this without thanking the people below who were responsible in making this wedding a beautiful journey for everyone.

Makeup – Kiinjal Mehta

Decor – Suma Korapati

Photography & Film – Lucky Malhotra  Facebook   Instagram    Twitter  Don’t forget to leave some comments and subscribe to my blog .

Venue – Windflower Prakruthi Resort,Devanahalli




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