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Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-2 Featuring Sneha Chandrashekar By Lucky Malhotra

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The series 2 features Sneha Chandrashekar, an entrepreneur, heading The Chef Post, and she actively works on social causes specially for Women Empowerment.


Her campaign #WeRiseForHer works towards creating awareness for Gender Equality that aligns to the UNSDG 5. She proactively worked on my vision of #ItsNotFair and played muse to the Series 2. She firmly believes women shouldn’t judge themselves or be judged based on the colour of their skin. She says, “to look within and strengthen the inner self can be possible only when you see beyond your skin. The skin doesn’t define the person you are nor your life. It enhances the beauty you’re bestowed with”.

Here are the pictures.

Concept-Direction & Photography- LuckyMalhotra Photography
My Muse – Sneha Chandrashekar
Venue – The Teal Door Cafe

This is an inspiring campaign that I’ve spearheaded that stands for equality and against discrimination based on the colour of a woman’s skin. When I envisioned the #ItsNotFair Series , I wanted to spread awareness on how the colour of your skin doesn’t define the person you are. And, I wanted to lever powerful photography as a tool to communicate this.

The women who are my muses in the different series are inspirational in many ways, and are the ones who have portrayed immense strength in the things they believe in. They’re not from the fashion world specifically, but from different walks of life with various interesting professional roles. They’re today’s women; the ones who have the conviction to chase their dreams and inspire. And, this series speak of their inner strength and the photography does justice to enhance their beauty. Yes, they believe the strength comes from within, and the colour of their skin doesn’t define them.

I am doing my bit to educate the people that fairness is not the criteria to be called beautiful. I have started this movement and doing these shoots to show that beauty is skin-deep and it’s not easy for me to take out time from my assignments and do this.The kind of stories I am coming across, one thing is common that these things start from a very young age where you don’t even know why you are being discriminated.More than anyone else, its the parents who should take a stand against it and never discriminate their child and raise their insecurities. I insist the older generation specially to get away from this stigma and encourage the girls to channelise their minds into doing something meaningful , rather than ponder over this.

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I am looking out to feature women who stand up against this boldly and contribute towards this cause and spread awareness about this campaign. You can reach out to me by writing me to [email protected]

** Please note that this campaign is against dark skin stigma and I would prefer to work on this cause with woman who are not light skinned, yet inspiring and being dark is not the only criteria I look for to select people.

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