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Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-3 Featuring Sophie Adline By Lucky Malhotra

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“Don’t touch her! Pass the book around her”, she said. I was wondering what in the world were they talking about. She is dark, so stay away from her. I was in class 3 or 4.

Presenting Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-3 Featuring Sophie Adline who has come a long way and is currently working as Manager Operations for a reputed MNC.Her story is interesting.Read it in her own words.

Hardly an age to recognise visual differences, at least for me. I grew up being avoided by a few of my classmates only because I was not as fair as them.

I grew up believing that I am dark and do not meet their standards to have lunch with them, or play with them or even sit next to them on the same bench in class. My insecurities with my complexion made me want to hide my culture and created an inferiority complex.

Then comes a time when I start calling my sister dark because I was a few shades lighter than her. I grew up to believe it was fine for me call people nick names based on their skin colour. “If someone was doing it to me, what is wrong if I did it?” I thought. I wanted to feel superior to my own sister because of the discomfort and pain of childhood teasing.

I was about 18, when this model coordinator walked up to me and said that I have a beautiful complexion and I should try getting into modelling. Though I loved what he said, I could not get over my insecurities of being tan and maybe not good looking enough to compete with any fair model.

This is what the society makes you believe, that you need to be fair to be someone’s bride, you need to be fair to be a part of any TV Commercials, you need to be fair to be accepted by people. But why? Is my question.
Any skin colour is beautiful. Why do we judge based on the colour of the skin?

As I grew up, I understood that the colour of your skin does not make you who you are. You are who you are from the inside, not based on your skin colour.

I am strong, loving, kind, fearless and beautiful in my own skin. The Creator knows what he has created and I have learnt to accept it with all my heart.

My Muse – Sophie Adline
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Venue – Blistering Barnacles

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