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Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-4 Featuring Anamika Chanda By Lucky Malhotra

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For this series I chose to work with Anamika Chanda who is a Fashion Stylist / Art Director. She has styled various shoots and has immerse experience in styling and has a great sense of style.

When I interviewed her, I wanted to know if the fashion industry is more open to women who are dark compared to other professions. I also asked her if she had any personal experiences to share. This is what she told me..

Yes, its not fair.
Its not fair to compare, belittle or suppress a human being psychologically or otherwise in the name of skin colour. Something that the powers that be bestowed upon us.Something that everyone needs to be proud of.
Something that parents have to take care to teach their kids.Something that we don’t have to fight for!

This conversation needs to change.This is a collective conditioning that needs to undergo a transformation.Its our duty to be aware of how we are treating people because of their skin colour.Our worth cannot be determined by that.

I have had the fortune to grow up in a family where the conversation did not revolve around my dusky skin.In fact it was celebrated.Though my feelings of self worth was definitely questioned outside of it purely based on colour. Needless to say,I have seen people especially women build their self esteem around their less than society approved skin colour.It pains me to see their years of building themselves up subject to a single thread of checklist called skin colour when they are looking for a life partner.

It is disgusting to say the least about elderly discussing about their daughter’s fate based on skin colour. I have a dear friend whose intelligence and shining personality ceases to amaze me and yet she ties her suitability for marriage based on skin colour,because she has been constantly compared to people while growing up and that has become a part of DNA. She just cannot get over it.
How damaged are we as a society?
What are we going towards in the name of progress?

What are we passing on to the next generation?
Bunch of prejudices which never made sense in the first place but which nearly destroyed our psyche? We have to realise the power we have to bring about a change where it is not a part of our daily thought process.It begins at home. We have to celebrate each other for our differences and not demean them.Only then can we call ourselves progressive.

Yes it is not fair. And yes, this conversation needs to change.

Being a part of the fashion industry I have worked with a motley crew of people.The disparity based on skin colour has been relatively less(debatable).For me its a more inclusive industry though the discriminations are different.

Its a good time in the industry.The mould is changing.Its adorning a different face.There is more to come.
Though its a reflection of the ‘forward thinking strata’ of the society,fashion is a reflection of the time whether its the skin colour or the body type.When the people speak up,fashion changes.
Its the skin deep centuries old thought process that needs a shift,for a larger impact.

For me fashion is one of the few corners where change is more tangible and faster.
If that’s the case then using that tool to break useless and redundant ideas should be our goal.


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Anamika thinks with visuals, finds structure in chaos and loves hip hop music.She travels to learn and seek.A preacher by nature conversations fuels her imaginations, so does her love for cappuccino.Her meditation is cycling.You can check out her work as a stylist on her page.


My Muse – Anamika Chanda Anamika Chanda -Fashion stylist
Hair & Makeup – Shyam Kashyap
Styling & Wardrobe – Anamika Chanda
Photography & Edit – LuckyMalhotra Photography

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