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It’s time to wear your crown – Fashion Series By Lucky Malhotra

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“It’s time to wear your crown.” 👸🏻

There are multiple ways to express sovereignty.
It could be provoking, powerful, stimulating or subtle.
This time we drew our inspiration from mother nature.Her quite and serene strength is what this beautiful fashion series is about.
‘Its time to wear your crown’ is a fashion series where fashion and art merges with the ultimate source of creation- nature.
Here are the images.

You can check the fashion film here –

Photography / Edit – LuckyMalhotra Photography
Direction & Styling – Anamika Chanda
Model – Suzanne Roque
H & M – Shyam Kashyap
Clothes – Manoviraj Khosla Shylu Vasanth
Producer – Adit Abraham

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