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Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-5 Featuring Lopa Saikia By Lucky Malhotra

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“To many people childhood memories are always cherished !! We all talk about and impart education on giving a child a happy hood! Most of them are lucky but some go through a disturbed upbringing and so have I. I have been born to a well educated – affluent family[…]

Campaign #ItsNotFair Series 4 Featuring Fashion Stylist Anamika Chanda

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Yes, its not fair. Its not fair to compare,belittle or supress a human being psychologically or otherwise in the name of skin colour. Something that the powers that be bestowed upon us. Something that everyone needs to be proud of .Something that parents have to take care to teach their[…]

Happy Valentine’s Day

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“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”                                                                            […]

Campaign #ItsNotFair Series-1 By Lucky Malhotra

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CAMPAIGN #ItsNotFair Series-1 Let me tell you a #ItsNotFair story! This is an inspiring campaign that I’ve spearheaded that stands for equality and against discrimination based on the colour of a woman’s skin. I’m working with interesting women from different walks of life who enrol to this vision and play[…]

VamshiPriya & Prudhvi – The Beautiful Telugu Wedding ❤️❤️❤️

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This is beautiful ❤ I cant help smiling every time I look at this .. Though I take up few weddings, I love South Indian weddings and specially Telugu weddings as I have always had a great experience shooting them and they are punctual. This wedding was beautiful and the couple[…]

Neha’s Haldi

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The Wedding Functions started with traditional Haldi ceremony which was organised at Bhandari’s own home.The decor was beautiful and the guests were limited but were full of zing. It was fun shooting Haldi and the bride Neha looked absolutely gorgeous.There were lot of impromptu moments and everyone had a great[…]

YASHICA & NATHAN (Telugu Bride vs Filipino Groom)

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YASHICA & NATHAN – THE TELUGU & FILIPINO MASHUP I love these kind of weddings where you see people from different cultures or rather different countries getting married. Yashica the bride is from the telugu community and the groom Nathan is Filipino. By the way Yashica was my first SLR[…]

You are my World!

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THE LITTLE SMARTIES & CUTIES Kids are cute and adorable.What make’s them so adorable? They are innocent – but try to show that they know everything. They look so cute – Specially when they try to behave like elders. They talk and behave so cutely.They are naughty,their presence can light up[…]

Backstage Moment’s – A lot happens behind your back!

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Whenever you see a fashion show, its usually about the ramp-walk , The Designer wear ,what the models are wearing and who is walking. The show could last anywhere between 10-15 minutes and sometimes longer if there are many changes. What you see on stage is the glorified look and[…]

The Naughty Twist

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They say “The other side of the grass always looks green.” They played with my mind so don’t blame me for this short story 😜 . The veteran gets  full marks. Tahur, this is killer the way things turned, thought of something and ho gaya kuch aur 🙂  THE STORY BEGIN’S HERE[…]