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Filmmaker Nayantara Kotian – Editorial shoot for Elle India

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Hey everyone, I am back again with a blogpost , Been lazy to do this..This is an editorial shoot which I did for Elle India. My subject was none other than Nayantara Kotian who is an award winning filmmaker. Nayantara is from the prestigious National Institute of Design year 2007[…]

Men in Power – Nitesh Shetty

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SOME SHOOTS PUTS YOUR SKILLS TO TEST ! Shooting with Nitesh Shetty (Nitesh Estates) He is composed,stylish and an achiever- He is none other than Nitesh Shetty from Nitesh Estates. His story is quite inspiring. He was the one who brought Ritz Carlton to Bangalore. It was great fun shooting[…]

Choosing the right photographer!!

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Why choosing the right photographer is important. Each photographer comes with an unique perspective which undoubtedly is different from each other. The way the photographer deals with the subject and the style he/she carries varies and its very important to understand that before you book someone. Things to keep in mind[…]

Welcome to my Blog!

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Opinions may differ but what I write here  is my honest confession. Lemme know what you think :). see you soon 🙂